Can I Complete My Study Permit Extension Outside of Canada?

Most foreign nationals are required to own a valid study permit in order to be able to travel to Canada and enroll in post-secondary studies. In case an international student will require more time to complete their current program of study than expected, or if they decide to switch to a longer program of study, there is high probability that they might have to apply for an extension. But can you apply for a study permit extension outside Canada? Let’s find out.

When Should You Apply for Study Permit Extension?

The visa of Canada Study Permit is valid for the period that you are studying and an added 90 days to allow time to prep before travelling out of Canada. Nevertheless, if you see that your study permit is about to expire and the timeline for your study program still remains, you must apply for extension.

It is crucial that you apply at least 30 days in advance so that your permit is processed for renewal. You should try to check the expiration date shown in the top right-hand corner of the study permit. Before you go on an extension, you have to confirm first the validity of your passport. If your passport has expired you cannot have an extension and when you travel out of Canada with an expired passport, you will be at the mercy of authorities.

If you are an international student who wish to visit a country outside of Canada and your study permit is close to expiration, you either must apply for a new student permit and then travel or apply for study permit extension outside Canada. The Canadian authorities would definitely not allow you to return if you leave the country within a short time when your study permit is about to epire.

If your study permit has expired while you are still physically in Canada then you should immediately apply for an extension. On the contrary, if you have not applied for an extension you will have to leave Canada. And there you go, out of Canada, you are welcome to file for a new study permit or reinstatement.

Applying for Study Permit from Outside Canada

Studying in Canada is among the goals and dreams of many international students. You succesfuly apply for study permit and visa. Get admission in preferred college and everything gets set in some time. There are instances when you have to leave the country maybe due to emergencies or maybe you just forget that your study permit is about to expire.

At this point, you should understand two things. The first one is you can’t apply for a study permit extension outside of Canada. And the second one is you can’t apply for an extension if your permit is already expired, regardless of whether you are in Canada or chilling in Thailand.

So here are some important steps you can take to apply for a new study permit for Canada. This application can be submitted online only unless another way of the submission is initiated.

The Canadian government requires that most temporary residence applications made from within Canada be made through electronic application, including:

  • All applications coming from within Canada for getting a temporary resident status.
  • Each application which is made from within Canada both for the study or work permits.
  • Every submission for renewals of study or work permits made from within the country.

The applicant has to come up with a plan in advance to avoid delays with the process of submitting this application instead of waiting for it right before the expiration of the current permit.

Once you choose to continue your studies, you must take the next step of your application for an extension visa at least 30 days before the expiration date. Fill in the forms either online or using paper. Submit the documents along with. If you choose to apply on paper, you must also do as instructed in the paper section, but you should contact the province government to find out the destination to mail your documents. If you still trying to process study permit extension outside Canada, you should contact reliable Canada study visa consultants for your options.

What is Study Permit Extension Processing Time?

You should know that the time for a study permit extension application varies depending on the workload of the authorities. It typically takes at least 30 days for a decision to be made after you submit your application.
If you haven’t received a response within 120 days of applying, it’s important to check the status of your application online and you can use the IRCC web form to contact IRCC. This ensures you know if your status in Canada is still valid or if you need to make alternative arrangements.
Once your application is processed, the IRCC will notify you of the approval or denial of your extension.

Starting January 30, 2024, there’s a new version of the study permit extension application form (IMM5709) now accessible. If you’re applying through the IRCC secure account from this date onward, make sure to use the updated form.

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